Mariano Lake Chapter

Mariano Lake Chapter

Be' akid Ho' Teeli'
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Our Story

After the signing of the 1868 Treaty, an elderly man named Chief Munyanna settled the lake area. When asked for his name the Anglo could not spell it from the pronunciation so they renamed him Chief Mariano. The community did not have a name at the time. Chief Mariano...

Our Mission

“To respectfully provide leadership, support and education to our community through communication and partnerships with local governments and community services.”

in-person meetings

  • June Planning Meeting – 6/24/24 at 9am
  • June Regular Meeting – 6/27/24 at 10am


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Proof of Residency (What you would need?)
  • Need to be registered
  • Valid ID
  • Social Sercurity
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address
Wood Permits (What you would need)
  • ID (Valid Driver’s License)
  • Census Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Address The Woods will be Hauled to
  • Personal or Resale

(60 and over can get a personal wood permit for FREE)

Steps to Register
  1. State ID
  2. Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  3. Social Sercurity
  4. Mailing Address
Chapter Operating Hours
  • Open Monday-Friday
  • 8am -12pm | 1pm-5pm
Chapter Meetings
  • As soon as The Next Chapter Meeting will be scheduled we well let the public know.
  • Follow The Mariano Lake Chapter Facebook Page for Daily Updates

Social Media Presence

Chapter Officials

Jay DeGroat

Chapter President

Jay DeGroat

Chapter President

Jay DeGroat

Chapter President

Henry King

Chapter Vice President

Henry King

Chapter Vice President

Henry P. Begay Jr.

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Henry P. Begay Jr.

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Heather Kinlacheeny

Legislative District Assistant

Steve Arviso

Council Delegate

Anthony Begay

Land Board Member

Chapter Staff

Leandra K. James


Lucinda A. Yazzie


Martha B. Williams



Harrison Mariano


Henry King

Vice Chair

Marie A. Bennett


Sharon Carolus


Local Chapter Information

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