Mariano Lake Chapter

Bee akid Ho’ Teeli’


  • Mariano Lake Chapters Teleconference Regular meeting for September 2022 will be on Friday, September 16, 2022 @ 10:00 am. The call in phone # is (339)526-2463 and the pin is 757 222 115#.
  • We have waste disposal services @ $1.06 a bag for $7.42 for a truck load, only bagged trash. No tires, no furniture, no large items. Please bring correct change, thank you.
  • Mariano Lake community members, please keep in mind that we have a road construction with NECA going on Rocky Canyon Rd. Please drive slow and be cautious of the construction crew.
  • Wood permits are sold on Tuesdays ONLY, between the hours of 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm. Please call for prices.

Our Story

Our Mission
“To respectfully provide leadership, support and education to our community through communication and partnerships with local governments and community services.”

After the signing of the 1868 Treaty, an elderly man named Chief Munyanna settled the lake area. When asked for his name the Anglo could not spell it from the pronunciation so they renamed him Chief Mariano. The community did not have a name at the time. Chief Mariano and his scouts began construction of an earthen embankment to catch rain and melting snow runoff. The workmen used arrows, saddle blankets and rugs to excavate the silt to build the embankment. Soon after, the dam created a lake. Because Chief Mariano, mobilized the construction of the dam. The lake became known as “Mariano Lake”, and eventually, the community became known by the same name.

local chapter information

Smith Lake Chapter
Phone: 505-786-2141 | Fax: 505-786-2143

Pinedale Chapter
Phone: 505-786-2208 | Fax: 505-786-2211

Thoreau Chapter
Phone: 505-905-0139 | Fax: 505-905-0140

Crownpoint Chapter
Phone: 505-786-2130 | Fax: 505-786-2136

chapter officials 

Jay R. DeGroat,President
Henry T. Begay, Vice-President
Henry P. Begay, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer

Edmund K. Yazzie, Council Delegate

Anthony Begay, Land Board Member

chapter Staff 

Leandra K. James CSC
Myrna M. james ams
Martha Williams CHR